Forensic Psychology!


Forensic Psychologists apply psychology to criminal justice. Although they are somewhat similar, forensic psychologists differ greatly from forensic scientists. A major difference between the two is that forensic psychologists look into the psychological issues associated with the crime and apply them to the case. They are asked to determine the mental state of the defendant when the crime occurred as well as through the legal proceedings. Forensic Psychologists also analyze a criminal’s mind and intent, treat mentally ill offenders, attend trials, and consult with attorneys (Unknown, 2011).

‍‍‍‍‍(Diamond, 2008).

Schools That Offer Forensic Psychology Programs‍‍
CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice (NYC, NY)
Cost: 10,289 a year.
Length of Study: 8 years
Master and Bachelor Degrees


Marymount University (Arlington, VA)
Cost: 22,620 a year
Length of Study: 8 years
Master and Bachelor Degrees


Tiffin University (Tiffin, OH)
Cost: 17,730 a year
Length of Study: 8 years
Master and Bachelor Degrees

Employment Opportunities

Case Management:
Above we have two psychologists who are analyzing living conditions of two neighbors (Brenzinger, 2004).

Case management services are for clients living in residential treatment facilities or in the community who can greatly benefit from continual contact with a counselor. Case managers teach conflict resolution and problem-solving skills and assess a client’s living skills to determine what types of supports that require individuals to live and interact successfully in the community. Case management counselors assist clients by providing ongoing counseling support in the areas of work; housing, and relationships and help clients find and explore community support resources. (Unknown, 2006-2011)

  • $27,000-47,000 is the expected salary (Unknown, 2011).
  • Generally require a Bachelors Degree (Unknown, 2011).
  • Some experience may be necessary (Unknown, 2011).

Forensic Treatment:

wetwetwet.JPGAbove we have an inmate who is very insecure and killed their mother (Unknown, 2011).

In the field of forensic treatment, counselors are required to provide counseling services to prison inmates and ex-offenders in a variety of locations. This may include drug education, sex offender treatment, and resolution of family problems, crisis intervention, and assistance with problems that can arise due to incarceration. Counselors also may be responsible for developing and managing programs in order to reduce recidivism rates. Additionally, forensic treatment may involve dual diagnosis programs. Dual diagnosis programs are where counselors provide treatment to inmates who have both substance abuse and mental health disorders. (Unknown, 2006-2011)

  • 25,000-58,000 is the expected salary (Unknown, 2011).
  • Earn a bachelors degree in criminal justice, corrections, social work,
counseling, psychology, sociology, or any other related fields (Unknown, 2011).
  • With education and experience you can expect 6-8 thousand a month (Unknown, 2011).

Jury Consultation:

Above we have a Jury Consultant who is presenting (Unknown, Unknown).

Jury consultants are needed in order to carry out the day-to-day strategic graphics and jury research responsibilities. Specific responsibilities may include constructing questionnaires, reading case materials, coordinating the recruitment of mock jurors, writing analyses of findings, facilitating focus-group panels, and developing analytical graphics. Jury consultants are also responsible for the project management of graphics and research engagements. Examples would be monitoring, organizing, and managing research events and graphics meetings. (Unknown, 2006-2011)

  • 100,000-500,000 is the expected salary (Unknown, 2011).
  • Must of a minimum of a bachelors degree as a master’s and Ph.D. is desired (Unknown, 2011).
  • Most Jury Consultants are hired from their intuition and knowledge in human behavior (Unknown, 2011).

Law Enforcement:

Above a psychiatrist working with law enforcement works with a personnel (Deshmukh, 2010).

A few law enforcement psychologists work in collaboration the police force or as a part-time consultant to other law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement psychologists sometimes are responsible for assisting law enforcement personnel. Law enforcement psychologists are frequently trained to help with crisis intervention, including post-trauma and suicide. Other duties of law enforcement psychologists include research and development of police training programs, stress management, personnel management, and referral of departmental personnel as well as their families for specialized treatment and counseling. (Unknown, 2011)

  • 45,000-80,000 can be the expected salary (Unknown, 2002).
  • Must earn a Masters or Doctorial degree in clinical psychology, forensic psychology or counseling (Unknown, 2002).
  • Must be able to convey the message of a defendants condition through legal personnel and juries (Unknown, 2002).


Above is a picture illustrating the focus on our brain in which psychology operates (Donkrax, 2011).

A forensic psychologist may select a career path where he or she focuses almost exclusively on research, ranging from examination of eyewitness testimony to improving interrogation methods. Some forensic psychology researchers devote themselves to examine and developing the usefulness of specialized tests that are designed to help in the assessment of individuals in a variety of legal settings (e.g., instruments designed to help assess a criminal defendants' ability to participate in the criminal justice process). Forensic psychologists who choose this career path will also be required to examine the effectiveness of various treatments for different kinds of populations (e.g., effectiveness of specialized treatments for batterers or sex offenders). Other forensic psychologists study the impact of victimization or abuse, or the factors that put people at risk for criminal behavior, violent behavior, or victimization.(Unknown, 2011).

Working with Sex Offenders:

Above we have a creeper van used to attract innocent children with the assumption of free candy (Duncan, 2009).

Jobs with the sex offender population include conducting assessments, providing individual, family and group therapy, and planning a community discharge. Other job duties in this area center on conducting extensive interviews and evaluations with clients and their families. As with all aspects of forensic psychology, counselors actively work to lower recidivism rates with this population. (Unknown, 2011).

Victim Advocacy:

Above we have a Victim Advocate counseling a victim who survived from a serial killer after being kept hostage for over two years (Unknown, 2007).

Victim advocates provide accessible, confidential support and advocacy to victims/survivors, their friends, partners, as well as their families. These professionals help provide and develop education and prevention strategies and promoting social change. Additionally, victim advocates provide safety planning, crisis intervention and shelter referral, and assist victims with exams and accompany them through court procedures. (Unknown, 2011).

  • 32,000-45,000 is the expected salary (Unknown, 2005).
  • 15 semester unites of college level classes along with 6 months experience in a related field is required to obtain this job (Unknown, 2005).
  • To excel in this job you must have very good social skills and be able to connect with many different types of people on many different types of crisis (Unknown, 2005).


Taking the time to really elaborate over the subject Forensic Psychology we come to the realization that there are many fields in which one can partake in as a profession. Individuals who study into the field of Forensic Psychology have a vast opportunity for obtaining a different variety of jobs. Stretching from assisting victims who have been raped or survivors of devastating incidents to standing in a court room influencing the decisions that inflict ones future. Although entering the field of Forensic Psychology may take a lot of school, as a profession it will allow much excitement into ones life.

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