This is just a picture over most of Rome. (Unknown, 2011)

Rome is a city in Italy.It Is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, on the Tiber River.After the Middle Ages, Rome was ruled by popes like Alexander VI who turned the city into one of the major centers of the Italian Renaissance. Romans believe that Rome came about on 21 April 753 B.C founded by Romulus.The story says that Romulus and Remus built the city then Romulus killed his brother.(Wikipedia, 2011)

Religion-Dasja Chandler
This is the ruler of the sky Jupiter. (Opperman,2011)
Roman gods and goddesses are kind of like the Etruscans and Greeks gods and goddesses. Their god name is Jupiter and he rules over all the sky and all of the other gods they have. Juno who is Jupiter’s wife protects marriages. The Romans also prayed to another god named Neptune who is the god of the sea. When they are at war they pray to the god of war, Mars. Since they believe in more then one god then they believe in paganism. Some romans did believe in Christian God , but they would get killed for it. They had special feats to celebrate the gods, the citizens attended these feats to show that they were a community. Women had a different religion called “Mystery” religion because they were not connected with the official gods.
(Ellis, Esler, 1997)

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Written Language-Dasja Chandler‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
This is the Latin Alphabet , Which most romans know (Unknown, 2005)

The spoken language in Rome is Latin, the Roman Empire speak Vulgar Latin. Their alphabet is based on the Etruscan Alphabet which leads back to the Greek Alphabet. The well educated people spoke Greek because most of the literature they read and studied was written in Greek. When Rome expanded it caused Latin language to spread to Europe. (Wikipedia, 2011)
Government – Emily Bosas
Ancient Rome (Junyoung, 2010)

The republic the most powerful governing body was the senate. By 133 B.C.Roman power extended from Spain to Egypt. Emperor Marcus Aurelius died in 180 B.C. For the next 100 years political armoit rocked the Roman Empire. In a 50-year period, at least 26 emperors resigned. In 284, emperor Dioletion, divided the govern into 2 parts:-he had the wealthier eastern part, and the co-emperor had the western provinces. Anyone who approached the throne had to kneel and kiss the hem of the emperor’s robe. In 312, a talented general Constantire gained the throne. He built a new capital, encouraged the rapid growth of Christianity within the empire, and he also guaranteed its future success. By increasing the power of government, they helped hold the empire together for another century. In 476, Odoacer ousted the emperor in Rome, historians referred to that as the “fall of Rome”. (Ellis, Esler, 1997)

Public works- Emily Bosas
This is a very old ancient cobblestone road in ancient rome (SaschaandBrown, Unknown)

The great and highly advanced Roman waterway system known as the Aquaducts, are among the greatest achievements in the ancient world. The running water, indoor plumbing and sewer system carrying away disease from the population within the Empire the aquaducts were built from a combination of stone, brick and the special volcanic cement Pozzuolana. The aquaducts were mostly underground. The Romans were famous for their roads. Some Roman roads exist to this day, nearly 2000 years after they were made. . The roads were known for being straight and very well made. The bulk of the building was done by roman soldiers.(Ellis, Esler,1997)

Cites-Melanie Beauchamp
This is The Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome was a civilization that grew out of a small community founded on the Italian Peninsula in the early 10th century BC. It's positioned along the Mediterranean Sea, it expanded to one of the largest empires in the ancient world.(Wikipedia, 2011). Rome is the center of Italy which is shaped like a boot.(Ellis, Esler 1997) Rome is the largest city in Italy and right behind it is Milan. Rome is the capitol of Italy, it also has the highest populated with over 2.7 million residents.(Wikipedia, 2011)

Job Specialization-Melanie Beauchamp

Two roman teachers in their classrooms. (Carr, 1998-2011)

There were many types of jobs in Italy they included Political, Administration, Military, Farming, Trades, Merchants, Construction, Religious, Entertainment, Artists, Lawyers and Teachers. Farmers were very important because they provided food for the people of The Roman Empire. Farmers traded with other countries, Ancient Rome got goods from countries and gave goods to countries. This was especially easy because Ancient Rome was located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. The slaves were used as construction workers to do the hard labor. (Unknown, 2008) The construction workers built roads and Ancient Rome was the first country to have a real road which helped with communication and carrying things from one place to another. These roads were made out of broke stones mixed with cement and sand. (Unknown, 2011)

Architecture- Susan Ristola
The roman pantheon is famous for its domed design

Romans created a new style of architecture based off of ancient Greek architecture. The buildings of the Romans combined both the architectural elements and ideas of the Greeks and Romans. Construction of arches, columns, and domes were improved. The Triclinium was used for dining. During the Pax Romana architecture flourished. Statues of the Greek gods and athletes were recreated by Roman artists. The Romans created columns that emphasized grandeur instead of the elegance the Greeks aimed for. This building still stands in Rome, its domed structure is the most famous, and it is a temple to all of the Roman gods. This building is called the Pantheon. (Ellis and Esler 1997)

Social Classes- Susan Ristola
Some gladiators were slaves

The two main social classes are the upper class and the lower class. The upper class is made up of patricians, consuls, and the latifundia. The patricians were the landholding senators that served for life. The consuls were also senators but only served one term. The latifundia were a new class of wealthy Romans they filled lavish mansions with luxuries. The lower class was made of the plebeians, and the slaves. The plebeians were the group of people who made up the bulk of the population; they were the traders, the farmers, the artisans, and the merchants. The slaves worked mostly for the lutifundia tending for their large estates. Some slaves were taught to fight and put in the rings as gladiators, fighting other slaves. Sometimes they won their freedom, but they were killed if they made a poor showing. (Ellis and Esler 1997)


This is Ceasar an old roman emperor (Unknown, 2002-2011)

Today Rome is beautiful with millions of vistors every year and home to millions also. Rome has no room to expand upward so the officals are trying to move it outward. They have awesome museums and monuments for all the tourist to view.(Unknown ,2011)


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