Ancient Sumerian Life

Written Language - Tristin Smith

The Sumers had a school for scribes. Scribes are people who wrote pictographs which are pictures that mean words. These pictures are the written language for the Sumers. They had also developed Algebra and Geometry. They also learned literature and wrote it down. The Scribes had to copy scrolls to learn. They are the people who wrote down the language. (Ellis, Esler 1997)

This is a picture of the Sumerian writtin language.

Religion - Moe Jaber

The Ancient Sumerians were polytheistic. That means that there is more than one god. They many holidays. The gods were humans. They ate, drank, married, and fought each other. The gods could be hurt and maybe even killed. Ancient Sumerians believed that the main reason why they’re on Earth is to serve and respect their gods. If they did not serve their Gods right, they will be sommoned to the underworld at death. (Ellis and Esler, 1997)

This is a picture of the gods to the ancient Sumerains.

Arts and Architecture – Alante Williams

Ancient Sumer has the oldest works of literature in the world .The tallest figure is about 30 inches in height. He a god. The second tallest figure is a mother goddess all mother goddesses were common in many ancient cultures. They were worshipped in the hope that they would bring fertility to women and to crops. To some Sumerian art forms were clay cylinders. Painting and sculpting.

These are sculptures that were made.

Social Classes – Tyler Tran

The Sumerian hierarchy consisted of the Ruling family, High Priests, leading officials as the higher classes. The merchants, artisans and lesser priests as middle class and peasant farmers and slaves as the lowest classes. Usually the higher classes would have war prisoners or people who sold themselves to pay off debts as slaves.

Upper Class Apparel

Men and women wore jewelry, men wore skirts, had long hair, beards and curly moustaches. Women wore dresses off one shoulder and had long hair decorated with fancy jewelry. Priests shaved their heads so it made them easy to distinguish. Everyone wore cloaks in the winter to keep warm.

Middle Class Lifestyle

People in the middle class usually owned shops or worked as farmers. The middleclassmen lived comfortably and worked very hard and had homes. The middle class people wore jewelry but not made of gold. There was no law that people could go up in social class by becoming a priest or a scribe.

Lower Class Lifestyle

When the Sumerians would conquer another town they would bring back prisoners as slaves. Slaves worked for Kings, the temple and wealthy people. The Slaves were usually bought and sold; they cost less than a donkey but more than a cow. (Ellis and Esler, 1997)

This picture depicts the lower social classes of ancient Sumer.

Government - Moe Jaber

The Ancient Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia. They battled for water and land. Their government was a bureaucracy. That means the government by many bureaus, administrators, and petty officials. The government it was ruled by kings. Kings enforced laws and collected taxes. Hammurabi’s cods did try to protect the powers, including woman and slaves. The war inflected the government big time. They had less water, food, and land.

(Ellis and Esler, 1997)

This is a picture of a Sumerian king talking to his people.

Cities - Tristin Smith

The Sumer region was in the Fertile Crescent. They were in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The land was called Mesopotamia. There mane cities where called Ur and Ercch. These cities were made from clay and where built with walls surrounding them. (Ellis and Esler 1997)

This is a picture of the city of Ur present day.

Job Specialization - Tyler Tran

People in the upper class were Upper Priests, government officials and rulers. Middle class people were farmers, merchants, artisans and carpenters. Lower class people included fishermen and slaves. Priests, farmers, hunters, weavers, potters, carpenters, builders, sailors, jewelers, craft workers, and knife makers. People worked hard and got very little money. People like farmers got more food than others because they made it themselves. (Ellis and Esler, 1997)

This is an example of a Sumerian doing his job.

Public Works - Alante Williams

They have public works like doctors to heal others. They have armies to protect the place they live. Singers to sing for the bystanders, queen and king. Teachers were called hiulger. Teachers had there own are to teach. Same with doctors had there own place to heal. They taught kids to use vocabulary right. Sumerian women did not go to school. Doctors used tablets (pills) for medical use. It made people better. (Ellis and Esler, 1997)

This is a picture of a Sumerian teacher.

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