Ancient Civilizations topic

Agricultural Revolution and Features of Civilization

Sumer (Tigris-Euphrates Valley)

Egypt (Nile Valley)

Indus Valley Civilization

Olmecs (Mesoamerica)

Minoans (Mediterranean)

Shang Dynasty (China)

Ancient Greece (not for all hours)

Ancient Rome

World History Ancient Civilization wiki

Directions for computer locations

Log onto the CHS computers

Go to: ****

Get Started (enter information; use the same password that you gave Mrs. Romeo, in case you forget it). Your password must be 6 characters long. Write your password down!!! I will not have a copy of it.

Click Dashboard

Sign up for Romeo’s class wiki

You must then confirm your email, so go to your email account and confirm your email. Then, you must wait for me to “approve” your membership.

The best student example is from 5th hour last year. Look for the Indus Valley 5th hour example. There are still problems with this example, but it gives you an idea of what you are being asked to do.

Now you are ready to start editing the wiki.

1. Type all of your work in a Word Document (or whatever word processing program you have). Save often. That way, you will not lose any of your work. Save often!!! WORK MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

2. When you find pictures, ‘save image as’ a file on the desktop or wherever you save your pictures. You CAN NOT copy and paste pictures.

3. Navigate to your page, then click edit to add information to you wiki. MAKE SURE NO ONE ELSE IN YOUR GROUP IS EDITING AT THE SAME TIME, OR YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR WORK.

4. To add pictures, click the file option in the EDIT mode. “Upload” files. When your picture loads, double click it and it will post to your wiki. Then you can move it to where you want it to be.

5. Be sure to CITE ALL OF YOUR WORK!!! At the end of any idea that is not yours, be sure to include a parenthetical citation. That means, (authors name, year). Ex. (Romeo, 2011)
  1. If you want to have freedom to move the pictures around, consider creating a table. Put the text in one column and the picture in the opposite column.

    To find sources
    Open a new tab or window
    Go to
    On the left, click on library media center
    click on databases
    You must have the passwords from CHS. Get them from the teacher.

World History Ancient Civilizations wiki Rubric

You will be partnered with a few other people to create a wiki page. Here are the requirements for your wiki:

Each group must cover their civilization demonstrating the 8 features of civilization. Divide up the tasks.

Each member must contribute a factual paragraph for each of the subtopics they are responsible for related to the features of civilization and their ancient civilization.

Each member must include pictures with captions for their features of civilization.

Each fact must be cited with the author’s last name and the year that the information was published (Romeo, 2011).

Each picture must have a caption and a citation (See Ancient Sumer Example).

Each group must have a works cited section at the bottom of their wiki were they list all of the websites or articles that the group for their group's wiki. See example page (Ancient Sumer Example).

When you are done with your group’s wiki, read through the list above one item at a time and check off what you have done, then complete the tasks that are not checked.

_Does your wiki have a title?

_Does your wiki have an introduction?

_Does your wiki have section headings for each of the features of civilization?

_Does your wiki have a conclusion.

_Do you have paragraphs for each of your subtopics?

_Did you cite your work? (Author, Year).

_Do you have at least one picture for your intro, conclusion, and each feature of civilization?

_Do you have captions for your pictures?

_Do you have a work cited section to your wiki?

_Is the work in your own words?

_Are you proud of your work and do you want others to see it?

You may need to contribute more to your group’s wiki depending on the number of students in your group.

Rubric for your group’s wiki:

8 features x 5 pts/paragraph 40pts

8 features x 2/picture 16 pts

8 features x 1/caption 8 pts

8 features x 2/citations (one for paragraph, one for picture) 16 pts

group work cited page 10 pts 10 pts

total points 90 pts