The field of parapschology often deals with the brain(above) activity and cannot usually be explained by science


Parapsychology is a very controversial subject. It is not thought of as an actual field of psychology because unlike others, the studies of parapsycology cannot be measured using the scientific method. It is defined as the scientific and scholarly study of three kinds of unusual events: Extra Sensory Perception(ESP), mind-matter interaction(also known as psychokenisis), and survival(P.A., 2011). ESP is the ability to gain information through use of a sense unlike the 5 subjective senses. Psychokenisis is the direct contact and interaction between the person and any object, mentally. Telepathy is a combination of both ESP and psychokenisis, dealing with the direct thoughts and exchange of information between two people, with out any other form of communication(P.A., 2011).

mindreading, a more commonly known form of parapsychology, is thought to exist in many people.


Unfortunately, there are not many jobs in this field. However, there are also some careers that are indirectly related to parapsychology. Professors at a handful of schools teach psych classes with an emphasis on parapsychology, which is as close as it gets to an actual parapsychology class. individuals can also open up their own private practice, helping people work out their issues. Professors can earn a salary of anywhere from $30,000 to $59,000, and usually have a Ph.D in psychology. Private practice usually requires at least a bachelor's degree, and their salaries widely vary from person to person.

Michael Brown, a professor of psychology at East Carolina University,
is highly interested in studying the related baviors of children in school.


Schools that offer programs of study for this topic:
Coventry University
2 years postgraduate study to obtain Masters degree
4 year Bachelor's degree required upon taking course

Northampton University
Bachelor's degree in psychology, followed by
2 years postgraduate study for Master's degree

Liverpool hope University
Ofers both a bachelor's and master's degree in


The field of parapsychology is almost intirely derived form the Basic study of psychology. It is an interesting subject to study, but is very impractical in terms of financial security. Also, the scarcity of learning opportunities shows that there is not a high demand for jobs in this field. However, it is very worthwhile in terms of intellectual acheivment. To become a successful psychologist of any kind, individuals must go through many years of schooling, and in the process becoming a very intelligent person.

Telekenisis (pictured above and below) is a very interesting "power" that
people claim to have. it involves moving objects through only the use of
their mind.


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